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Hey there Solo CEO!

I know you are someone with a vision. I know that you are brave and that there is a driving reason why you set off on your own. I also know you love the core essence of what you do. You may be searching for a way to make your business catch up with your brain!  You may also be looking for a way to take your business to the next level while still remaining true to your soloist lifestyle choice.

Hi, I’m Kim and I’m here to help you create a sustainable, scalable and profitable business that allows you to do what you love without fear.

“TO SAY KIM HAS EXTENDED A LIFELINE TO BOOGIE BOOKS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! She has stopped us sinking into the abyss – one considered step at a time. Her thoughtfulness in fully interpreting my ability / lack of ability has meant each to-do step is manageable and achievable. With a huge dollop of focus on very personal development in areas such as self-esteem and self-belief, she ensures that at the end of each power session, I am unwittingly armed with an incredible list which is driving me forward, yet I honestly believe I can do this! It is exciting to be lifted from the quietness of my own office, to a safe place where I can articulate my dreams and visions for the future, and have a sounding board with responses richly peppered with industry experience, powerful insights and genuine concern. Thank you Kim – this is fun!”

Emma MacTaggart

Publisher, Boogie Books Pty Ltd

Ways to Work With Me

One on One Coaching

Have me all to yourself and in your corner for a year! We'll work on your unique business, build a bespoke strategy and get things happening quickly.    More... 

Group Coaching

Join a small group and work though the 12 month program.  Sessions conducted via webinar with personal weekly WIP review and worksheets for each participant  More... 

Online Courses

Go DIY and take yourself through one of our online training courses. Create your ultimate network, a powerhouse personal brand or build your productivity.  More... 

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