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Hi, I’m KIM McGuinness

kim-mcguinness1500I’ve had an interesting career to date.  I have been a corporate employee in roles that served business owners and have also been a business owner of a business that served corporates!  Let me explain…

I have seen the best of both worlds

I understand how to sell to the corporate market and how to create products and services that address their needs and also understand the small business market and how to create big business opportunities for them.  I sold my 16 year old company, Network Central, in February 2015, after many wonderful years of creating opportunities and connections and mentoring for women in middle management, and continue to train and mentor corporate teams on networking, personal branding and productivity.

However, my passion has always been to connect and encourage solo business owners as I am one myself .  Prior to creating Network Central I had many years experience researching and creating training programs and opportunities for business owners through my work at Australian Business Limited (now NSW Business Chamber) and a business newspaper in Sydney.  I have sat on Awards panels, been active in lobbying for small business and have been personally mentoring small business owners (through request and referral) for the last 20 years. In fact Network Central also attracted many solo consultants and business owners and a number of these are my clients today.


I have seen what makes businesses and their people tick. I have seen, and facilitated, that magic moment, when things just take off, over and over again.  I am trained in marketing, digital marketing, sales funnels, networking, personal branding and business branding. I know how to apply it all to your business but I will always start with you. You see we are our business, we are the key machinery, the C-everything and the sales team. It makes sense to make ourselves and our processes the most effective and productive they can be.

One thing I’ve learned, and proven, is that the buck starts with you…

Ready to get started?  Let’s go

…I would recommend Kim’s services to any person or company who expects a thorough and conscientious person with whom to work. Should you wish for some creative input or perhaps a brain-storming partner – call Kim, her ideas are unlimited and her ability to put them into reality is unquestionable.

Leonie Hicks

Director, The UP Group

I was very fortunate to meet Kim McGuinness through her networking and mentoring work and it has been a blessing to receive her guidance. She has incredible experience, deep knowledge and a true passion for helping people connect, learn and share. I truly admire her authenticity, genuine care for others and ambition. I’m very grateful for her support and I would highly recommend her work.

Kim Larochelle

General Manager, The Helmsman Project

Kim is very intuitive and can piece together my rambling thoughts and ideas and make sense of it! Kim has a wealth of knowledge, experience and a heart of gold. Working out what you want to do is such a personal journey and Kim has given me endless support and encouragement. I have come leaps and bounds in getting my business off the ground. She has opened my eyes to endless possibilities and given me tools and knowledge of ways to implement them, I can not thank Kim enough!

Susan Schwager

Director, Love Little S

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Professional Bio

Having run her own business in networking and mentoring for 16 years and prior to that, in roles that provided training, advocacy and support to other business owners, Kim has had a front row seat to see what works, which people succeed and what elements make the difference.  Kim is absolutely passionate about unearthing your authentic driver, building a sustainable business or career that supports you and building the community around your brand.

Kim McGuinness is a trainer, speaker, writer and mentor determined to create as many connected and purposeful people, businesses and communities as possible. Until recently Kim ran Network Central, a business network and mentoring organisation for middle to senior managers and consultants which she founded in February 1999. Network Central was acquired by Women’s Agenda (Private Media Pty Ltd) in February 2015.

Prior to Network Central Kim headed up the Business Briefings and Events unit at Australian Business Ltd (NSW Business Chamber) and Business Sydney Newspaper. Kim is also one of Australia’s leading commentators on business, marketing and connection. She holds tertiary qualifications in marketing and training and is a keen student, recently completing studies in IT and nutrition.  Kim is currently completing her Master of Marketing.

Kim is a leading speaker at many conferences and events, is a regular MC, and has developed a number of training programs for both blue chip companies and small business. Kim is co-author of Network or Perish – Learn the Secrets of Master Networkers and is featured in Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed, What My Favourite Teacher Taught Me and What I Wish I Knew About Motherhood.

Kim was a finalist in the Sydney Business Review’s Businesswoman of the Year Award in 2003 and has been a regular nominee in the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Award since 2004. Now, she is a married mother of two kids (and a very demanding dog) and lives a life filled with study, business and parenting.

More information on Kim’s LinkedIn profile.