Deadline Driven

I love deadlines. I didn’t realise quite how much I love deadlines until I thought about a few noticeable ones this week.

I started my business (Network Central) in 1999. I had given myself exactly one year to build and launch – I achieved that goal to the exact day – exactly one year after conception.

I sold that business 16 years later – 2 days prior to the 16th birthday in fact. After I had publicly stated to my family on the eve of our 15th birthday that I would exit within one year.

And today I launch a new brand – a passion project that I have wanted to play with for exactly a year! My promise was that I would have this launched before my next (big) birthday. And here we are, the day before my birthday.

So here it is – – for all the SoloCEO’s (like me) who are consultants, trainers, writers, speakers, artists, coaches, online business owners, contractors, and the list goes on, who want to have their business run on near-autopilot so they can do the work that they love without fear.

If you are one, or know one, I invite you to check it out.

Love to hear what you think!