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A bespoke blend of the forward program and personal mentoring

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PURE focus on your business for a year

imagine what you could achieve with focus, accountability and a cheerleader

We have all heard the saying “in flow” which refers to being in your element, living your purpose, effortless progress that almost transcends time.  The theory may be great but how do we get there?  How do we apply the theory of flow to business?  How do we make business a joy instead of a slog?  How do we create a personal and business brand strong enough that clients, partners and supporters are attracted to us, creating an army of advocates?

The secret lies in your branding, positioning and surrounding networks.  Add to that strong internal systems, effective goal setting and planning, and functional technical and marketing aspects and you have an unstoppable machine.  Maybe you already know this in theory but the application is constant struggle.  Maybe finding the time to do all this is a nearly impossible task.  We know the formula is not the same for everyone.  Find the balance between your life and your business and develop a plan that works for both. Now is the time to take action, not let another year get away from you, and focus on results.

I’m here to help you build the best business for you!

Hi, I’m Kim McGuinness & I am determined to help you do what you love without fear.  

You’re great at what you do. I know that. I also know life, to you, is about experiences, not money.  You have a grander vision for the world and started your business with purpose and passion.  That said, it would be nice to have a consistent stream of income so the stress is not there, right?  Or maybe your business is doing really well but you need some organisation, some systems that make the busy-ness of business not quite so “busy”.  How does that sound?

the buck starts with you

I’ve watched, and facilitated, more business and personal transformations than I can remember.  I’ve seen that magic moment when things just work.  I want that for you.  My mission is to support solo business owners to create the life they want – for themselves, for their family and for our community. My dream is for a society filled with people who are living on purpose and are connected to their families and communities.

 A business program for passionate SOLO CEO’s

Running your own show is tough sometimes.  We signed up to this gig with dreams of being our own boss, working when we want and achieving a lifestyle something out of the ordinary rather than working the typical 9-5 day.  Whilst that may be true some of the time, the rest of the picture paints as a constant stream of admin, marketing and pitching for business.  It’s tough, sometimes soul-destroying and completely unpredictable.  Join this program to quit chasing your tail, put some solid systems in place, nail your brand and revitalise or rebirth your business.  Become accountable to someone other than the cat and make sure that you are truly moving forward rather than just chasing your tail.

By the end of this program you’ll have:

  • A clear intention and solid goals for your business over the next 5 years
  • Complete connection with your personal and business brand so that everyone just “gets” you
  • The foundation for a perfectly aligned business network that will be a source of business for years to come
  • Understanding of your energy profile and how to be the most efficient and productive you can be
  • A solid digital marketing funnel, perfect for your business, that brings in leads and community on auto-pilot
  • An aligned product strategy in place with one or more already created
  • Your content and promotional strategy defined and in place
  • An understanding of joint ventures and an appropriate strategy applicable to your business.

“I cannot thank Kim enough!”

Kim is very intuitive and can piece together my rambling thoughts and ideas and make sense of it! Kim has a wealth of knowledge, experience and a heart of gold. Working out what you want to do is such a personal journey and Kim has given me endless support and encouragement. I have come leaps and bounds in finally getting my business off the ground. She has opened my eyes to endless possibilities and given me tools and knowledge of ways to implement them, I can not thank Kim enough!

Susan Schwager, Director |

The VIP Forward Program includes:

  • 10 monthly training videos within your members area designed to take you step-by-step through the next topic prior to our live mentoring session
  • 10 individual monthly live mentoring sessions 1-2 hours in duration (via Skype) to apply your learning to your business and for bespoke mentoring
  • Fortnightly WIP (work in progress) reminders and personal review by Kim to ensure you are on track.
  • Worksheets and planning sheets for each session
  • Direct email contact with Kim (<24 hours response time) for the duration of the program
  • Someone in your corner, motivating you to go further, for an entire year!*

NOTE: This programs runs over a year to give you the best chance of actually achieving results that count.  This format gives you time in between to both manage your business and do the work required for each stage.  This program is for those serious about results and invested in their businesses.  That said, if you are a serious go getter and want to get moving more quickly, this program may be condensed down to 10 weeks.  It will require focus from you, a commitment to do the work and a can-do attitude.  Allow 2-3 full days per week.

*we avoid December and January as those are busy months where we are all focused on other things, hence 10 sessions, however your program will run for 12 months. For example April to April or November to November.  You will have lifetime access to the members area so can re-visit the training videos at any time.

 Here’s an idea of what the year may look like:


Let’s clean up and create


Preliminary 2 hour session to discuss your business, your challenges and determine the best way forward for you.  Discuss your existing or potential business and how you can take it to the next level.

Worksheet  and WIP report included

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype 


Lay the foundation

Lay the foundation for your business.  Understand your energy profile and how to work with it not against it, how to get the most out of your brain and how to set up your day for success – every day.  Build a plan and a path to get there.

Worksheet, planning grids, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) WIP report included (tailored to your unique situation and personally reviewed by Kim)

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype 


Know who you’re dealing with

Understand your market. Define your customer profile and work with who you want. Learn how to attract your ideal client and build a profile that leaves no room for doubt.  Make it easy for them to find you and understand you.

Worksheet, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) WIP report included 

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype  

month 4

Define your message

Keep your message consistent, coherent and classic.  Learn how to build products that don’t date while still maintaining currency and the message string that ties them all together.  Understand your product ladder and how to create what your market will love.

Worksheet, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) WIP report included 

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype

month 5

Build the funnel

Build an automated process that works for your business.  Understand the different types of sales paths relevant to your business, how to implement them and how to draw customers to your brand.

Worksheet, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) WIP report included 

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype

Month 6

Feed the funnel


Understand content strategy, where and how to advertise and what to say – online and offline.  Build traffic, buzz and referrals around your brand that bring a consistent flow of people eager to hear what you have to say. Outsourcing article creation, different forms of content and what will work for your unique business.

Worksheet, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) WIP report included 

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype

Month 7

Review funnels & scale up

Review what is working and tweak what is not. Learn how to scale your results and build your business.

Worksheet, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) WIP report included 

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype

Month 8

Media and PR strategy

If we haven’t covered it already we’ll get you media ready and pitch you perfectly.  Uncover speaking opportunities, learn how to get interviewed by the right people and raise your profile.

Worksheet, Fortnightly WIP (every 2 weeks) report included 

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype

Month 9

Funnel opportunities

Review where you are, what is still missing, and put plans in place to take it to the next level. Find other funnel opportunities and become a metrics wizard.

Worksheet, Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) WIP report included 

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype

Month 10

Plan forward

Celebrate your achievements throughout the year and make sure all is on track for future success.

Worksheet, Fortnightly(every 2 weeks) WIP report included

1-2 hour individual mentoring session via Skype

Disclaimer: The above program is a general guide only.  Your program will be tailored to you and your unique business.  Whilst I will teach you everything I can think of to help you in your business, you will be required to do the work to make it happen.  The results you get will be reflective of the effort you put in. I make no promises about earnings or any other benefit to you.

Are you ready to do what you love without fear?


Sign up for the VIP Forward Program and get:

The opportunity to nail your brand, own who you are and market your business with confidence

The opportunity to purposefully and consistentaly work on your business, not just in it

Personal support to build a systemised and authentic business that is scalable and works for you 24/7

Support to build a sustainable and appropriate business network for you

Training on digital sales funnels and marketing techniques that can transform your business

An accountability partner who is focused on your business and your goals.


Program runs for 12 months from date of sign up.

The investment for this program is $4497 (one time payment) or $397 per month for 12 months

(limited places available)

What others are saying…

“Huge integrity, warmth and generosity”

So glad you’re finally doing a mentor program, Kim! Can’t think of anyone better qualified. Recognised expertise? Tick. Stellar track-record? Tick. Focus on connection not contacts? Tick. But what’s so great about you as a mentor is who you are as a person. Huge integrity, warmth and generosity mixed with ballsy pragmatism and a wicked sense of humour. Awesome combination. Love working with you!

Mo Fox, Director |

“To say Kim has extended a lifeline to Boogie Books is an understatement!”

She has stopped us sinking into the abyss – one considered step at a time. Her thoughtfulness in fully interpreting my ability / lack of ability has meant each to-do step is manageable and achievable. With a huge dollop of focus on very personal development in areas such as self-esteem and self-belief, she ensures that at the end of each power session, I am unwittingly armed with an incredible list which is driving me forward, yet I honestly believe I can do this! It is exciting to be lifted from the quietness of my own office, to a safe place where I can articulate my dreams and visions for the future, and have a sounding board with responses richly peppered with industry experience, powerful insights and genuine concern. Thank you Kim – this is fun!”

Emma MacTaggart, Director |

“Kim has helped me transform my business”

Over recent months, Kim has helped me transform my business into a a vital service and powerful tool for East/West and Asia-focused businesses. Her coaching really hit the mark, and helped me enormously. Kim has a wealth of experience, so all her suggestions were helpful. It was so reassuring to work with someone so professional – I was no longer wasting time or effort on things that weren’t important. She is also very empathetic – her advice was just right for me, for my goals, for my business. Kim is an inspirational leader, mentor, coach and business woman. She is totally professional, much respected. She is also generous and caring – such rare qualities for a successful entrepreneur.

Claire Pisani, Director |

Frequently asked questions

Why a whole year?

We work to a 12 month program because it allows you to review what is working and tweak what is not. Mentoring is an ongoing process as having someone on your side as a guide, a cheerleader, a sounding board and voice of reason can be quite addictive.  It allows you to build momentum and make serious change.  In addition, I’ve proven time and time again that a year is the perfect length of time to see a solid intention come to fruition.

Why skype?

Rather than waste time driving to meet me I’d rather you take the time to meditate, gain clarity or go for a walk before our sessions and then talk to me on Skype from your office.  This allows you to type into your computer, action things right away and share your screen with me if you are having trouble with something.  We can also use Google Hangouts or facetime if Skype does work in your area.


Absolutely, but you must have done the work we discuss.  Show me your worksheets and what you have actually done within 60 days of commencement and, if you have applied the theory and it is not working for you, then I will refund your investment in full.  I am proud to say that in many years of working with clients I have never had to refund anyone.

When are the skype sessions?

We will set a monthly schedule before the first session.  You can book dates that work for you directly into my calendar and move dates around if things come up with 24 hours notice.  Unfortunately I cannot always accommodate requests less than 24 hours prior to the session so, in these cases, the fee will still apply.

what if I'm not on skype?

We will work out which communication platform works best for you.  We can use Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts. We will find a medium that works for you.

what is a wip report?

A WIP (or: work in progress) report is a report you fill in, or add to, during each Skype session.  It is a living document that continues throughout our time together.  The WIP documents all current projects and work in progress.  I ask for an update weekly so that I can monitor your progress and keep you on track.  It is a useful tool to keep you focused, minimises forgotten tasks and provides an accountability mechanism.  You will receive full training how to complete and if there is a system you prefer, such as Trello or Evernote, we can use that instead.

Still have questions?

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just email me and I will get back to you asap.  I know this is a big investment but I also know that by making this investment you will commit to do the work and move your business forward.  I’m confident that if you do the work we discuss, and put in the effort, then you will never look back.  How many extra clients do you need to cover the investment? Let’s get those first and the rest is gravy as they say…