Why SoloCEO?

Where will you be in 20 years time? Where will your kids be? Have you thought about it or are you too busy getting through the day to day?

Too many times I see people perform the proverbial Ostrich and refuse to see the reality of the situation around them. Life is not like a box of chocolates – sometimes the whole box melts and you are left with a sticky gooey mess.

Let’s look at some recent case studies

Firstly we have a person who took a break from corporate life to raise children. 5 years out of the work force has rendered her unemployable by the standards of her previous position and over-qualified for anything else, even though she has kept up to date with markets and news and probably knows more current information than many of her counterparts. What is she supposed to do now?

Another person lies in a hospital bed as I write this. He didn’t plan on this and has a very young family to support, a house that was recently sold that settles tomorrow and a new life awaiting him in the country. Due to his illness he will now be unable to work in the type of role that he has been working in for the past 30 years.

Moving on to case study number three, a brilliant woman who is a leader in her field, she left the corporate world to start her own consultancy business a few years ago and has been doing consistently OK, not great, but OK. She followed some advice from a so-called guru and invested a grand sum of money in courses and products that were going to change her life. They didn’t. She is now at the critical moment where she may have to move her family into her parent’s house and look for a job as they can no longer afford to pay rent.

All these case studies have surfaced in the last few weeks and are current at the moment of writing. They are all people extremely important to me. Not distant connections. If there are three people in my immediate circle going through this stuff, how many more are there out there???

SoloCEO has been running around in my head for a number of years as a passion project. The experience of the above three people have become the catalyst to do something about it.

All three case studies serve to highlight to me the absolute myth that life is easy and predictable and a plan and relevant training will support you for all eternity. That is bollocks. All three case studies had a plan.

Plans change. Shit happens. No longer is your unique plan enough – you need plan A, plan B, Plan C and then some.

I thought I had it all figured out too. My first business commenced two years before my first child then hit its heyday as my second child was born. Literally. I nearly went into labour on stage in front of 500 breakfast guests!! You have never seen a bigger gasp in unison! It was that day that I realised something had to give. It was also that day that the universe sent me the mechanism in the form of a wave of new competitors, some of whom were ruthless, unethical and underhanded. The whole market changed.

I watched as my business dwindled, my energy went and my life spiralled into constant busy-ness and chaos. Every moment away from the public eye was filled with fear, doubt, a constant and never-ending to-do list and no time for my brain to switch off let alone think clearly. I was completely and utterly exhausted.

I had been supporting and working with business owners for many years prior to starting my own business.  I finally decided to listen to my own advice and think about my business in a completely different way. My business did turn around thanks to some lightbulb moments, internal awakening and key decisions that changed the way I approach things. And boy did it turn around! I learnt more during that experience than ever and have applied the same strategies to the businesses of many of my current coaching clients with similar success. There is definitely a formula that works. I sold the majority of my 16 year old business in 2015 to a large publishing house to enable me to embrace my next chapter. It was a defining and proud moment.

Since then I fell into coaching more solo business owners through requests and referrals. Whilst this has certainly kept me busy it has allowed me to test my theories and strategy with great results. I have built a number of online courses which continue to do well and have refined my digital marketing skills immensely throughout the process. I understand sales funnels, have trained with the best in the world and can apply this knowledge to just about any business.

In addition to the above, I have been in a unique position to observe thousands of businesses over the past 20 years. Not only through my own business but in my previous roles providing education and networking opportunities for small to medium business owners. My job has always been to research what information is important to business owners and corporate managers and bring it to them. I have seen what makes businesses and their people tick. You see we are our business, we are the key machinery, the C-everything and the sales team. It makes sense to make ourselves and our processes the most effective and productive they can be.

But we don’t have time, budget or headspace to do that.

So, my mission for you is to provide the right education and training, appropriate and valuable information and productivity tools that are direct, to the point, no fluff and serve to make your plate full so that your business is nourished, supported and connected and you can finally enjoy your box of chocolates before they melt away into a sea of wasted moments.

This world is full of change makers and heroes, superstars and celebrity. They are all fantastic but my focus is on business owners who have carved their own lives, are supporting their families and supporting the planet. You are my heroes. You are my village.

Now let’s get to work…